Круговорот кольца / The Ring Cycle

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Broken / Бывший

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Все в последний момент 😉


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In dream of dreams my dream is over
Replaced by dream of real dreams


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I see it clear
I feel it straight
That charming smile
And shining eyes

Being in the jungle
And lost in dreams
I know you’re here
Right next to me

The time and distance
Don’t really matter
When someone smiles
Reading your letter

No name

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Few words, expected but unspoken,
Left hardly noticed taste of disappointment,
Of failure. But tomorrow’s tears
Will have no chance to wash away that sand.
The curves of sound sliding slightly
And following the route of gentle curves
Will reach awaiting ear
No doubt. What would it cause? Who knows…


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So you kind of looking on screen for hours trying to stare her picture down. Even though there’s no chance to win. You know it and still keep it going, subconsciously returning barely noticeable smile in lips corners, catching mischievous twinkle in her eyes that kind of looking back on her own reflection and find it’s funny. You can read kind of question in each and every single one of pixels of her:
— Did you notice any changes in me?
— New haircut, no usual necklace, that smile…
— There’s something else. Not obvious… Look behind visual border…
Now you lose. You’re lost. Lost in her eyes, in your dreams, in a new life instantly built and fast-forward lived through from the very beginning to the smash like a fly on the windscreen on full speed of light transmitting new gravity center of The Universe right there, on the screen in front of you. Crashed and burned… look away…

Множественность / Plurality

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Высшая ступень развития социальных сетей

Искажение звука / The Distortion of Sound

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Весьма спорная документалка от Harman, рассказывающая о проблемах качества звука в эпоху тотального потребительства …

Фильм без перевода, а также несколько не вошедших в него фрагментов, можно посмотреть на сайте или на канале YouTube.

Mental asphyxiation

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Through the darkness run out of here
Ray of blue light stuck in curtains of fog
Waved by weeping Wilson. You’re in
Zero point of time. That’s all what you’ve got

Slicing time on twelve minutes chunks
Dreams without dream inside of your head
Dancing, screaming behind empty eyes
On tip of the needle. So fragile. So mad.

Asphyxiation of mind. Sticky, cold
Rolling down and stinks sweat of thoughts
Without oxygen nothing can burn
Lack of freshness cause mental rot

No one wants here to stop to breathe
Mind decay is not what one trying to find
Run alone through the darkness. Believe
In the fog of your life there’s no light


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Roses grows upside down to me
Ceiling suddenly is my ground
Hanged on waves of the melody
Staring down to the deep grey eyes

Past comes over me with the pics
Punching holes in the tissue of time
Like a movie with no synopsis
Showing barely known guy

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